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My Trip to Europe in February

Posted By Jean Shy on January 15, 2011

Hi Guys,

Finally, I’m writing again. I know a day late and a dollar short LOL. I want to wish all of you a happy New Year! Yeah I know, it’s the middle of January, but I don’t think it’s too late, ok.

The latest thing happening in my career is that I’m going to Europe on January 29th, mainly to Germany, for a 16 day Tour, with about three days off.

The Tour schedule is:

Wed. 2. Feb.
20:30 PM
Kinodrom Multiplex
Spencers Bistro
Meckenemstraße 8
46395 Bocholt

Thu. 3. Feb,
20:00 PM
Kurhaus Baden-Baden
Bel Etage
Kaiserallee 1
76530 Baden-Baden

Fri. 4. Feb.
21:00 PM
Charivari (Im Bahnhof Wattenscheid)
Fritz-Reuter-Str. 23
44867 Wattenscheid

Sat. 5. Feb
20:30 PM
Bommershöferweg 2
40670 Meerbusch

Sun. 6. Feb.
20:00 PM
Frongasse 28-30
53121 Bonn

Tues, Wed, Thu. 8-10. Feb.
21:00 PM
Hotel Bayerischer Hof
2-6 Promenadeplatz
80333 Munich

Sat. 12.Feb.
20:00 PM
Q Stall
Rheinpromenade 10
46487 Wesel

I will work in the Club Scene; I think it will be fun. Although some of my dates will be in the Bayerischer Hof in Munich. It is one of the most famous Hotels in Germany. I used to work there four or five times a year when I lived in Europe. One of the yearly Tours I did was the Christmas Tour. I would work there starting about a week before Christmas, including performing my Special Gospel Concert “Jean Shy sings Mahalia Jackson” on the 3rd or 4th of Advent. Having a couple of days off for Christmas, and enjoying a wonderful Holiday with my family at the Hotel. After Christmas I ‘d either continue performances there including doing their fabulous Penthouse NY Eve Party, or many times, I would be sent to their other Hotel “Zur Tenne” in Kitzbuehel, a Ski resort in Austria. It was always so beautiful there, because of the Ski sloops and the Snow, and the town looked like a Christmas Village. I don’t ski but I love watching others ski. The Food there is excellent, and the cappuccino is to die for. Both Hotels were great fun, and I’m looking forward to working there again.

As I said, I will be in Germany for 16 days, and then back to California. You know I’m really looking forward to this trip because I’ll see lot’s of fans, and friends I haven’t seen in Years. I’m working with my own Band “The Shy Guys,” as well my friend Ralf Heinrich and his Band “The Voyagers.” Both Bands are good. My Manager, and the Front man/ Guitarist of the Band 9 Door Empire “Alex Walker” will accompany me on the Trip. Alex is a special Guest on the Shows, and I’m so exited about it. Check out 9 Door Empire’s new Single “Breakdown” at

Ok. I think that’s good for now. I’ll talk back to you before I leave, and when I return I’ll give you all the details. Alright?! God Bless all of you. This Year let’s all keep the faith guys! Because we can do anything if we just believe.

Talk to ya,

Jean Shy

PS: As some of you may know, I’m also an Author, and I have written four Books for Children. One of them will be published in February as a Table Top Book. When I get back, I will give you a few excerpts from it. Be on the lookout.

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Blow Top Blues by Jean Shy & Friends – The dynamic World of Blues

Posted By Angela Taormina on September 23, 2010

A new Blues Album par Excellence by 2009 BMA Soul Blues Female Artist of the Year Nominee Jean Shy.

The European Press glorifies her with headlines like The Queen of the Night, Golden Throat, The Blues-Pipe, The Voice of the Lord, The Roarer, Dynamite Stick, and many more. The Lady they are talking about is internationally acclaimed Singer, Songwriter, Producer, and Actress JEAN SHY.

With her latest CD Blow Top Blues, King Edward Music Recording Artist Jean Shy -2009 BMA Soul Blues Female Artist of the Year Nominee- presents yet another part of her “World of Blues,” which is contrary, but definitely not inferior to her last Jean Shy & The Shy Guys CD “The Blues Got Soul,” with which she received her nomination.

Blow Top Blues is a brilliant Album compilation ranging from the style of a Dinah Washington, and Tony Bennett, to Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin. Seeing that Shy is also a Songwriter, the CD includes some of her own compositions. The Tracks were recorded with the three main Bands that Jean has been performing with in Europe for many years. The “Friends” on this CD are: Shy’s own Band The Shy Guys (Germany), The Climax Band Cologne (Germany), and the JBBO (Jazz Band Ball Orchestra, Poland). Last but not least a few of the Tracks were produced by Michael McGregor for one of Jean Shy’s Solo Albums. Altogether it makes up a superb and unique CD that shows off that the “Blues” burns in Jean’s veins, no matter what style of the Blues she sings.

A critique once described Jean’s performance as follows: Jean Shy has the conciseness of a Tina Turner, the vivid Northern-Soul feeling of a Van Morrison, the expressiveness of an Etta James and she convinces above all with one thing “honesty.”

Check out sound bytes of this upcoming Sept. 29, 2010 release at

Sporting The Right Attitude by Janet Alston Jackson

Posted By Angela Taormina on August 13, 2010

We would like to share this message with you in the hopes of passing on inspiration and encouragement. Have a wonderful Day.


In today’s world there is so much going on, that sometimes it seems the best thing to do is protect ourselves from people, institutions, including banks, and the government. It’s easy to become hardened and paranoid. It’s also easy to shut down, but Don’t.

The most successful people in life remain open and optimistic despite what is going on in the world. News headlines, do not have to affect your good and your life. Those who can still see the world as being beautiful and prosperous, will have beauty and abundance reflected back to them. “Be in the world, but not of it.”- Sound familiar?

Yesterday I interviewed Eric Jerome Dickey, for the Los Angeles Sentinel and a podcast for his new book, “Tempted by Trouble.. He has written 18 novels, 12 New York Times bestsellers, and more than 3 million total copies sold. The author is beloved by fans and critics alike. “Dickey pushes romance and deceit to the next level,” praised USA Weekend. The Chicago Defender hailed, “Eric Jerome Dickey is an excellent writer at the top of his game”. And the New York Times raved “[Dickey has] perfected an addictive fictional formula.

I asked Dickey what it means to “Sport the Right Attitude.” He said, “To remain open to life.”

This reminded me of what I mentioned in the Our Last Email Warren Buffett, the third richest man in the world said he feels the reason he got to be so wealthy was because his parents taught him how to love.


Jean Shy & The Shy Guys – The Blues Got Soul – CD Trailer

Posted By Angela Taormina on July 29, 2010

A Song Dedication to US Soldiers around the World

Posted By Angela Taormina on June 18, 2010

Here is a Song dedicated to all US Soldiers around the world.
Please share this link with your friends, and loved ones:

This Track is from the Jean Shy & The Shy Guys “Unchain My Heart” CD.

Singing This Song For You

Posted By Angela Taormina on May 27, 2010

Jean Shy CD Review in “Living Blues” Magazine – April 2010

Posted By Angela Taormina on May 20, 2010

Hello Jean Shy Fans,

Even though the release of the latest Jean Shy & The Shy Guys CD “The Blues Got Soul” was more than a year ago, we are still receiving some great reviews of the CD.

Check this one out in the latest Issue of “Living Blues,” which is America’s “oldest and most authoritative blues magazine.”

Chicago soul singer Jean Shy has been recording since the late 1960s for such labels as Starville, Checker, Dakar, Foxcar, Honey, Fantasy, Playboy, Polydor, and R.S.O., and since 1983 for King Edward Records, a company originally based in Duisburg, Germany, but now located in Hollywood. She has garnered little attention for her efforts, at least here in the United States, and even Robert Pruter’s otherwise impressive 1991 book Chicago Soul makes no mention of her. Such inattention is a crime that should be rectified by her current CD, which shows her to be one of the most awesome soul, blues, rock, and gospel singers performing today.

Shy, who divides her time between Germany and Southern California, possesses big, remarkably elastic contralto pipes that she applies with consummate passion on The Blues Got Soul to a diverse set of oldies that includes Ray Charles’ “Unchain Mys Heart,” Donny Hathaway’s “A Song For You,” Aretha Franklin’s “I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You),” Muddy Water’s “Rock Me,” Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock’n Roll, and the church songs “Precious Memories” and “Amazing Grace,” as well as several original compositions, both secular and spiritual. Her moans and guttural asides bring Mavis Staples to mind.

Nine of the dozen tracks were recorded live at an Open Air Festival in Duisburg, the remaining three at studios in Duisburg and Frankfurt. The Shy Guys, an exceptional band of German musicians that features the torrid guitar work of Klaus Zimmermann, and Martin Hoette, the tightly locking bass and drums of Peter Bruemmer and Bernhard Spiess, and the blistening tenor saxophone of Bernd Winterschladen, match the intensity of Shy’s vocals blow by blow. And Georg Mahr’s Hammond B-3 organ gives an ideally sanctified flavor to three of the gospel numbers.


Thank You Mr. Lee Hildebrand for a beautiful review! Thanks also Brett J. Bonner, Editor of “Living Blues” for your support!

I’m Back!

Posted By Jean Shy on May 20, 2010

Hi Guys,

I’m Back! Sorry, I’ve been away so long (my Bad). I’ve been pretty busy working on two projects. My own new CD, which will be released this year or next, depending on how long it takes to finish the production; also, a group I’m producing “Fatal Beauty” is their Name, and they’re really good. They are young Musicians, in the ages ranging from 16-19. Two of the Guys are the Songwriters for the Group. One of them is Alex, the Lead Singer and Guitar Player, and the other one is Max the Drummer and Backing Vocals. Jessie is the Bass Player, he’s solid. But they’re still looking for a Rhythm Guitarist. Their Music is Rock and it’s Hot!!! As soon as I get the first Song mixed and mastered I’ll give you guys a link so you can hear it, ok? ok.

So, that’s all for now. I’ll get back to you guys with this weight reduction program I mentioned before, I know some of you will like it. And, I’ll still finish the never ending Story about “My Memphis Trip” Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, when I was nominated for the 2009 Blues Music Awards for Soul Blues Female Artist of the Year.

So, talk to you soon.

Jean Shy

PS: I’m also adding pictures of the Group “Fatal Beauty” and other pictures you might like.

Check out this Song by Jean Shy on youtube

Posted By Angela Taormina on April 19, 2010

Dear Jean Shy Friends,

We hope you’re doing fine!

Here is a little church for you.

We hope you’ll enjoy!
The Jean Shy Team

PS: Stay tuned. The Blog will be updated shortly with new entries.