Jean Shy &The Shy Guys

Released in Germany 1998
King Edward Records

Rhythm & Blues / Blues-Rock  
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The CD Unchain My Heart offers a Fusion of Rhythm & Blues, and Blues-Rock. The Album was recorded of a Live Performance, at an Open Air Concert in Duisburg, Germany. 

Some of the Music Critiques have mentioned in their CD Reviews that even though the CD is very good, but sadly there is hardly any audience participation heard. We agree with that, but since recording was not made to turn it into a CD, there were no Microphones set up in the Audience. Yes we could have added an audience to the tracks later in the Studio, but by choice there were no changes made in the recording.

Jean Shy sacrificed any Studio editing to keep the pure, and powerful thriving Live-Sound which we think does not diminish this Quality CD in any kind of way. We believe just the opposite, and hope you are of the same opinion! 



Nr. Title Length Sample Listen
01 Wouldn't Wanna Be You 03:43 :30


02 Unchain My Heart  06:23 :30


03 Get Here  05:43 :30


04 Livin' The Blues 04:40 :30


05 Song For You 04:36 :30


06 Chain Of Fools   04:15 :30


07 I Never Loved A Man  (The Way That I Love You) 03:08 :30


08 Angel 04:13 :30


09 We Like The Same Thang 04:07 :30


10 Rock Me  10:42 :30


11 One Day 10:46 :30


12 Old Time Rock'n Roll 09:18 :30




Standard CD  $12.99 


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