Don’t Praise A Woman Too Much When You Approach Her

Usually, you will always give compliments to the woman you approach, but my advice you should minimize praise and maximize praise to yourself. But do not seem narcissistic, give excessive praise to yourself, she will even feel bad. When you give her too many compliments, she will think you have other motives to approach her, and she must have often received praise from other men. So if you don’t want to be judged the same as other men, don’t do the same with them. The same goes when you are having a chat with her, so you may need to control your habit in praising cute ladies too much, and also learn how to text a girl, especially if you feel more comfortable to have a chat with a girl first before you take her out.

After you get acquainted with a date and ask her out, you should prepare a topic of conversation that women like so that your date is not boring and you can make pleasant communication with her.

You can mock her a little (not her appearance, makeup or physique) but her character (don’t use negative connotations, animal names) and praise yourself. You may try to find excellent pickup lines on the internet so she might be interested more with you.

Those are just a few tips you can do to start a chat with the woman you want to get acquainted with. The essence and the most important thing you must do is to be a man who is confident when approaching women.

Confidence includes all of your appearance, the quality of your character and your personality when approaching a woman. Don’t be confident about your appearance, but your nature and attitude do not show that you are a quality man, your appearance is not enough man! You have to show the quality of your character to make women survive with you. The quality of the character of men who have guts, honest, rational and can lead.

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