How to Design a Blog

Creating a good and interesting blog design may be a challenge for most people. The problem is usually because they don’t know where to start. You can follow each of the tips easily and directly on your website to make your website attractive. Visit our website and find out our qulix company’s blog.

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1. Set goals first!
Before thinking about what color to use, what fonts, what headers are, the first thing you have to do in designing a blog is to set the goal of the blog first. Why are blog goals important in blog design? Because the goal you want to achieve is the basis for determining the overall design of the blog. What is the purpose of your blog to share travel stories? Or you will fill a blog with a technology tutorial?

2. Blog Structure
After knowing the purpose of your blog, the next important step that you need to understand is about the structure of the blog. The picture above is the structure of the blog in general, there are headers, sidebars, main content, and footers. Every blogger can modify it according to their tastes and desires.

What are the contents of each part of the blog? Here’s the explanation. In the header section, it is usually filled by the title or name of the blog along with a brief description of the blog. The navigation menu and search fields are usually also located in this section. Then in the sidebar, you can fill it with social media profiles, the most popular articles, recommendation articles, article archives, or subscribe blog buttons. The next section is the main content. The main content is certainly filled in by the articles you write. The last is the footer section. In the footer section, you can fill it with a disclaimer, privacy policy, your contact, or the social media share button.

3. Easy and Simple Navigation

The point is you have to make navigation simple and easy for everyone to understand. This makes it easy for blog visitors to move from one page to another, from one article to another, from one tag to another. If visitors can easily read your blog, of course, they will spend longer so that, of course, benefits you as a blog owner.

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