How To Get The Best Chainsaws

Chainsaws are tools that need to be treated. Of course, because the saw is a tool that uses it many times. So that the saw can be used and function properly repeatedly, of course, requires a good way and care. To get the best chainsaw and chainsaws oil you can visit our website right now.

1. Use a saw according to its function. Avoid sawing, concrete or stone.

2. Hang a saw on the wall so that it is not easily damaged. Storing a saw in a toolbox can damage the saw blade.

3. As a treatment, rub the saw blade with a candle. Apply an anti-rust liquid so the saw doesn’t rust easily.

4. Protect the saw blade with plastic or other materials. In addition to maintaining the sharpness of the saw, this protection is also to avoid the possibility of children touching the saw blade.

Before doing the work of cutting the chainsaw, you should consider several factors in determining the choice of the engine that you use. Or for those of you who want to buy a chainsaw you can look at a few tips below:

– Determine the size of the chainsaw based on your work, for example, a chainsaw unit that has a bar length of 25 inches will require 2 cuts if the tree diameter is 50 inches.

– There are 3 (three) bar sizes: size 20 “, 22” and 36 “

– Consider the power you will spend when working cutting using a chainsaw. Machines with large capacity will make it easier for you to work cutting, but of course, the weight of the machine will be heavier. The point is you work easily and safely.

– Check the safety features of the chain, such as brakes, fasteners, and supports.

– A comfortable saw will certainly be more comfortable to use. Note the specifications of the power from the chainsaw that you will use, the higher the power, the easier it will be for you to use. You can also determine the power from the chainsaw based on the compression volume (cc), the greater the value of the “cc”, the greater the engine power specifications.

– Ease of use is also included in the selection of chainsaw factors, note whether all switches/switch controllers are easily accessible, is it easy to operate, and whether it is easy to restart or not.