Your Customers May Love These Promotional Merchandises

There are various types of merchandise that you can choose for business promotion activities. The price and usefulness of each merchandise also vary. Usually, to get cheaper prices, you have to order merchandise in large quantities. However, it does not rule out the possibility to make merchandise in small quantities, of course, with a slightly more expensive price. In the meantime, if you want a more cost-effective promotional merchandise, perhaps you may choose pins or Nalgene Bottles for your company’s promotional souvenirs.

Here are some of the merchandise types that are popularly used for business promotions and they are preferred by consumers:

Nalgene drinking bottles

There are a lot of companies that give their customers with drinking bottles, so their customers can remember their company’s name whenever they’re drinking from that bottle. Usually, companies which are operating in the field of sports will give their customers drinking bottles, or other types of merchandises that can be used during an exercise session.


An exclusive impression can be read by consumers when you give merchandise in the form of a jacket. Because of that usually, big companies choose a jacket as one of the merchandise. For example, a motorcycle company. Later the jacket is given to consumers when they buy a motorcycle unit.

If you choose jacket merchandise, you can be creative to create a unique jacket design and then add a logo, brand and business tagline, or it could also be a plain jacket which is then added to the logo, brand and on the front or on the back of the jacket.


Besides jackets, collared shirts or collared shirts can also be an exclusive choice of merchandise. With a fairly broad field, you can add logos, brands, taglines and also attractive merchandise designs. Later these attributes can be displayed by screen printing or embroidery techniques.

T-shirts are suitable as merchandise for your promotional activities such as a healthy walk or happy bicycle. T-shirts can also be distributed to consumers who have fulfilled special promo requirements, for example, spending a certain amount, purchasing new products, purchasing in packages and so on.