You May Do These Ways To Get Rid Of Boredom In Blogging

Blogging consists of a variety of activities, ranging from writing, increasing visitors, to interacting with visitors. In the long term, these activities cause boredom. However, so many people who start a blog may know how to deal with this situation.

Do you feel it? If so, you can try the following ways to fight blogging boredom.

Take a day off once per week

Satiety is usually triggered by routine. To fight it, you must provide a minimum vacation time of one day a week, for example, Saturday or Sunday.

During the holiday, forget all the things related to your blog. Also, disconnect the internet connection on your mobile so that emails don’t interfere with your vacation. Your goal is to recharge your mental and body “batteries” so you can blog again with good stamina for the following week.

For this purpose, you can:

Visit tourist attractions inside or outside your city
Watch the latest movies in theaters
Travel to the shopping mall (mall)

Join the local blogger community

Joining a community of bloggers or marketers in your city can also fight the feeling of blogging. Such communities generally have certain activities, such as traveling together, gathering together weekly, or holding monthly social events.

Another benefit is that you can exchange ideas or experiences with friends in the community. From exchanging thoughts or experiences, it is not impossible that you get a new idea or hold a joint project.

What if there is no blogger community in your place? There is no other way, you have to build it step by step. The first step can be to teach your friends who don’t know to blog yet.

Read books related to the topic of the blog

Reading books related to the topic of your blog is an effective way to overcome blogging boredom. You can do it an hour before going to bed at night, after lunch, or a few hours on your day off (if you are lazy to leave the house).

By reading a book, your knowledge will increase so you can apply it to your blog. Remember, learning doesn’t have to stop after finishing school or college.