Here are a few Jean Shy video clips for your enjoyment.

www.youtube.com  made it possible for us to share clips with you that can be viewed without downloading a Player, which is great. Just push the PLAY button on the player screen. Some of the clips have been uploaded by the Jean Shy Website Team and some by Jean Shy Fans.

If any of you has Video Footage (live taping or taped from a TV broadcast etc.) from any Jean Shy performance, interview, commercial etc. we would love to receive a copy so we can share them on this page. Please write to the
webmaster@jeanshy.com. Your name will be added to the credits on this website for sharing it with us.



Amazing Grace
Performance by Jean Shy & Streetblues at the Buergerhaus, Dreieich, Germany 1985. Organized by WIRIC. Produced by Stadtfernsehen Dreieich.





St. Louis Blues
Jean Shy & Jazz Band Ball Orchestra performing "St. Louis Blues"
on TV Krakow, Poland.


Na Na Happy Day
Jean Shy  &  Jazz Band Ball Orchestra performing  "Na Na Happy Day" at the "Oscars" in Lodz, Poland. This is an original Song by
Jean Shy from the CD "The Other Side Of Blue".



Jean Shy Night Dancer 1979
A Fan posted this video clip on youtube.com from Jean Shy's
Hit Song "Night Dancer". Thanks Gavvo76.

check out his youtube.com profile at:





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